Sunday 1 July 2012

Meeting Mr. Wonderful

City of Vancouver Mayor & Council
Dear Mr. Mayor & Council,
An extraordinary event will be taking place in Vancouver starting this Thursday July 5 with the arrival of Mr. Andreas Bummel, head of the UNPA Campaign office, headquartered in Berlin (

The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) Campaign represents for the first time in human history a serious move towards the peaceful creation of a Democratic World Parliament leading to the creation of a Democratic World Government, which essentially represents “the cause for all causes”.

Fellow WFMC-Vancouver member Larry Kazdan has indicated to me that at least one of you will be meeting with Mr. Bummel, but I would like to encourage - all - of you to meet with him, including the Mayor (especially the Mayor), as this will not only show our interest in what Andreas is doing, but also our willingness in supporting the cause.

Mr. Bummel is not Mr. “Left”, he is not even Mr. “Right”, he is Mr. “Wonderful” - don’t miss-out on meeting him.  It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity and something you will be able to tell your grandkids about.

A “World of Problems” requires a “World of Solutions” if they are ever going to be solved.
Mr. Bummel will be in Vancouver between July 5-8.

Rick Orser, Board Member, Vancouver Branch, 
World Federalist Movement Canada -