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Reply to Anonymous - Re: Declaration of Revolution - (& Occupy the UN (OUN))

Dear Anonymous,

Thank-you for your email and congratulations on your “Declaration of Revolution”.
As a fully certified “LovingRevolutionary” and someone who has been in contact with the Occupy Movement, I am interested in being kept informed about your activities.

Please note (off the top) that I do not condone any illegal activities, including any your group may have been involved in or are considering.  Views expressed in this email posting are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the WFMC, WATUN or others...

Like many people I sympathize (& empathize) with the issues that Occupy has raised, such the problem with inequality in the world, and believe Occupy is making progress on educating people about these issues - and addressing them.  

I believe Occupy will continue to make progress in building support, as long as they behave in a responsible, constructive fashion, as opposed to a violent, destructive fashion.  OK to protest in a peaceful, legal fashion, but do not disrupt people, business, government or damage property.
I agree that a - revolution - is needed.... and believe that it has already started... but revolutions do not need to be disruptive or violent in order to be effective.  One only needs to look at the success of Gandhi and Mandela for example, to understand this...  

The key to the revolution (like all revolutions) is garnering public support for the cause and not do things that will upset and distract people (and their support) from the cause.  Remember, that a sword is reflective (silver) and can swing both ways.

Democracy is about changing power through non-violent means...  The change might be incremental and take longer but the success is long lasting... incremental change is change that lasts....
Your call to (res-erect) - the protest side of - Occupy - and occupy Parliament in London and Congress in Washington in November are highly provocative and I doubt that such action could be taken without violence.  Furthermore, I believe Occupy may be wasting their time and that such actions may result in negative publicity for them.  Parliament after all is where decisions are made - democratically - not via “occupation” (or force)....  Congress, although a corrupt, dysfunctional organization that seems more interested in serving the special interests of lobby groups than the American people (and is in need of reform, ideally converting to a Parliament) is still a democratic expression of the American people and should be respected...

Talk about occupying the US Congress Chambers and engaging in an orgy of (anonymous) sex, however, would be highly entertaining of course, and undoubtedly give new meaning to the term - “Act of Congress”....
Unfortunately, many of the problems that Occupy is talking about can not be solved by the US Congress or any National Congress or Parliament anyway, as the problems are global in nature - related to globalization - that can only be solved at the global level... a level in which global citizens (and their legitimate authority) currently have no democratic representation.  The world is essentially being run by a bunch of “special interest” groups if you can even call it “being run”...  Can you imagine the US being run by a collection of state governments or Canada being run by the provinces ?  This is essentially what we have at the “global level”.

We the people, as Global Citizens are being - ripped-off - and need to demand to have democratic representation at the Global Level !

National Governments are over-burdened (pre-”occupied”) in trying to deal with international problems as well as domestic problems. We need to alleviate them of this kind of suffering....
- The 1% are benefiting from (the chaos of) globalization while the 99% are losing...  We need to change this...
- Like all Revolutions in history it’s not going to happen - unless we want it - and demand it !

We need a Democratic Global Parliament !

Images-un Images-un-3 Un-headquarters-green-renovati
Although I agree that protests at the US Congress as well as ideally at All National Parliaments around the world are important, in terms of actual occupation, however, my recommendation is to skip Parliaments and Congresses, altogether, and go straight to the UN Headquarters in New York.
There you can claim “Diplomatic Immunity” and camp out until the UN General Assembly (UNGA) votes for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA).  
- All that is required is a ¾ vote within the UNGA in order to create a UNPA.
A UNPA would ultimately enable All Global Citizens to vote for representatives to represent them within a Global Parliament.  This would enable us to finally be able to solve the problems that Occupy - and most people - want solved.
- See UNPA Campaign website at -

I, of course, would not want to see any disruption to UN Business or Occupation of UN offices, as they need to continue with their important work (such as dealing with dictators, tyrants and other screwballs around the world)... but there is a lot of nice green space around the UN Complex and I am sure some kind of “tent city” could be set-up, ideally a separate tent for each member state of the UN, occupied by people from that country with their national flag flying over their tent.  There is also a waterway beside the UN Complex which could be used to bring in supplies by boat or barge (as well as contain a stream sauna for occupiers to warm-up in).
Ideally, try to work something out with the UN Administration (UNA), if you can, on the use of their green space, even offering to pay something for use of the space.  Remember, it is not the UNA that we have an issue with, it is the - Member States - and their lack of ability in reaching a consensus on reforming the UN...
- mainly because there has not been enough public support for this to occur.  Lets change this !

A UNPA should be - top of mind - of every living soul on this planet considering its potential for solving global problems and improving the lives of everyone.  

Unfortunately, the media (for whatever reason) has not been reporting on the UNPA Campaign even though the campaign has been going on since 2007.  Lets change this !
- The Global Occupy Movement can change this and aspire to achieve the kind of success I believe it seeks and deserves.

- - - No more multiple demands, focus on one and you will have the rest.
- If Occupy is looking for something to - “hang its hat on” - let it be the UNPA.
Keep in mind that although the Security Council gets a lot of media attention due to security issues, it is not the real power behind the UN, that belongs to the General Assembly - who hold the purse strings - and authorize funding as well as the creation of new UN “bodies”...

In fairness to taxpayers of New York City (who already suffer from costs related to having the UN HQ “occupying” their city (such as unpaid parking tickets, etc...)), I recommend a fund be set-up to pay for the policing of the OUN UNPA Campaign Event.  As well as the hiring of professional security staff to help ensure protesters behave themselves.  
- Such measures would go a long way to put at ease the (legitimate) concerns of the Mayor and the residents of New York City.
- Some OUN protests are already taking place at the UN, which started last month, and are growing in frequency and participant numbers.
- The Occupy Movement needs to be careful in how it deals with the UN, and especially the UN HQ which is “hallowed ground” in the sense that it does not represent one national government, but a collection of all of them.  This needs to be acknowledged and respected and treated differently if Occupy is going to be able to garner the cooperation of the authorities and the support of the public...
Ideally, OUN needs to obtain (negotiate) permission from the City of New York in order to accommodate this protest (like OV had in Vancouver) in order to - focus - and conduct a proper protest and occupation.  This, in turn, would help garner Public Support for the Movement - and the cause...
I have been in contact with OV (Occupy Vancouver) regarding financing ideas for their work here in Vancouver, these ideas might also be able to be used to help finance the OUN, as well... especially if people are “open-minded”...
For further info on financing ideas, see my posting on the OV Forum - From Hellraising to Fundraising - Make Love Not War -

Although I do not condone it, I am proud of you guys for hacking into the Chinese Government computers, it’s only fair since they have been hacking into ours for years, and I am sure that privately even the western intelligence community is happy about this...  but I must warn you that you are dealing with a dangerous gang, a ruthless communist dictatorship that does not care about anything more than its own survival, and is even willing to break its own laws to further this aim.  For example, even some high ranking chinese officials are afraid to leave China as they have been indicted on crimes against humanity and other mischief, for the way they have been treating people in their own country, and would be arrested as soon as they stepped-off a plane if they were ever to visit a (true) law abiding country.

I also advise you to be careful, because if the chinese communist techies ever find out who you are, you might wake-up one morning, on life support, and find that some of your important bodily organs have (anonymously) vanished, giving new meaning to the term - “stealing your heart”....

China’s transition to democracy is inevitable, the only question is, will it be a peaceful transition or a violent one.  China has a long history of violent revolutions.... mainly related to power and the “right to rule”.  Although China’s transition to a more open capitalist system was peaceful, this transition also benefitted the Communists who were “allowed” to stay in power in return for improved growth and SOL (Standard of Living) for their people.  Economic bumps ahead, however, and people’s tiring of the corrupt communists - might change that...

China’s transition to democracy will be the most important political event in modern history and it taking place in a peaceful fashion should be of great importance to everyone.  It is predicted China is on track to outshine the US and become the world’s largest economy in the next 10 years or so...   We need to support and encourage this as our own economies depend on it, especially as China moves from a mainly export oriented economy to a more balanced export and import economy.

A UNPA could play a vital role in assisting China with a peaceful transition to democracy.  
Participation within a World Parliament after all would be contingent upon member countries being democratic.  They do not need to be “perfect” democracies, even the US and Canada do not have “perfect” democracies... but they need to be moving in that direction.  Besides, a World Parliament would just not be the same without the chinese, who make up 1/7th of the world’s population (along with chinese food, which is best served in groups).
To assist this effort, I recommend that the initial Administrative Headquarters of the UNPA be located (deep inside) Mongolia (if alright with the Mongolian people), a small democratic country (with a colourful past) located next door to China, and that parliamentary members of the UNPA develop and support democracy as the guiding principle of Orkhon (right to rule all the world) and be fed a nutritious high protein diet of Mongolian Gruel (to enhance brain-function) until they hammer out a Global Constitution that would replace the UN Charter and serve as a framework for the creation of a World Parliament and Government.

Here parliamentary members can be - educated - by the (uniquely qualified) Mongolians about the true meaning of global power, and the responsibility that goes with it.

To support this effort I recommend the Worldwide Occupy Movement offer to help finance a UNPA Parliament Building in Mongolia (in the shape of a large Mongolian Tent) capable of temporarily housing the parliament until a permanent home for a World Parliament is built, ideally within a new (eco-friendly) city on an island in the middle of a fully restored Aral Sea.  See my proposal -

I am not sure where you obtained my shaw email address...  but if it was from hacking into the stratfor computer, it probably resulted in them upgrading their security system, which they probably should have done a long time ago...  Although I am not a member of stratfor and do not (yet) subscribe to their data set, I do receive free notices from them regarding their research which I encourage you to subscribe to as well, as it is important to keep up to date on what is on the minds of the intelligence community (including the “secret” service) these days...  
- In future, please refrain from bothering poor George who is a student of history and I enjoy his writings...  and feel free to use this email address for me - - which I use for my communication with occupy.

 - This tune came out in 1972, the same year Richard Nixon abandoned the Gold Standard due to the excessive costs of the Vietnam War, which in turn helped create current US (& other) financial problems.

When I worked at IP Sharp in 1987 (which was purchased by Reuters that year for $100M) in the Exchange Tower in Toronto, we used software (programmed in the same IBM APL language used by the US Defense Dept.) called MAGIC.  This software was also used by our clients which included the Research Departments of all the major banks and investment firms who used it to help “run the world”.  Unfortunately, due to their excesses, these “banksters” almost lost the world in October of 1987 (which endured a crash similar to 1929).  Un-ethical behavior on the part of some people in the sales dept. at IP Sharp at that time did not help matters either, which is one of the reasons I left the company.
- The coming crash will make all previous crashes seem - small by comparison - (due to debt and interconnected globalization) unless something is done to create order and avoid a crash or at least mitigate it.
- Crashes are not purely - technical - based on computer logic... they are also - emotional - based on human emotion such as a loss of confidence in the future....
- A Democratic Global Parliament would help - restore - and maintain - confidence - and enable us to create solutions to improve the lives of everyone (all 100%) on this planet.

Rick Orser
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