Saturday 17 March 2012

Update - "Building Utopia" TALK

I enjoyed giving the talk on Thursday night titled - Beyond the United Nations - "Building Utopia" - Home for a Democratic World Parliament - which was well received by those in attendance.  A fellow doing work for Shaw Cable was there with a video camera, so hopefully it will make it onto TV (Shaw Cable 4) as well...

Most people I think believe the world needs better global governance, including a democratically elected World Parliament, which would form the basis of a World Government.   The question of where (in the world) this World Parliament would be physically located, however, although a secondary question, I believe is still very important.

The "ideal" location from my point of view, would be a place that is:
1 - centrally located and equi-distant from the majority of humanity
2 - a place in - dire - need of "salvation" both Economically and possibly even more importantly Environmentally
3 - a place that is relatively neutral (in military & political terms) and where its citizens desire to have democratic reforms

That place is the Aral Sea in Central Asia (the "nursery of humanity") formerly the worlds 4th largest (salt-water) sea:
1 - turn a former bio-weapons dump & dying sea into a shining World Capital ?  What a statement about Sustainability !
2 - centrally located to about 6 out of 7 billion people living on earth
3 - would help support the growing Economic power of Asia (re-create the historical "Silk Road") and link its dynamism to Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

The economies of North, Central & South America, home to 1/7th or about One Billion of the Worlds population, are dependent on the success of the other side of the world where 6/7 or about Six Billion people live.  In this ever increasing interdependent world, the debt problems of Europe (or the US & Canada for that matter) will not be solved without improved growth, and for the sake of the planet and future generations, this growth must be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Canada, with its friendly relations and connections in Central Asia can help make this happen.

I believe I "made my case" to the majority of people in the room, but some people liked the idea of the location being in Africa (the birthplace or "cradle of humanity") which is where I said I at first thought it should be located, and yes, possibly on an island in the middle of Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake in Africa).  My concern about locating the parliament in Africa, however, is that it would do nothing to "save the Aral Sea" and that we really need to do this, as well as boost the economies of Asia, if we will have any real hope of solving the poverty problems of Africa.  The Fourth World needs the help of (an improving) Second and Third World, not just (a declining) First World, otherwise our efforts will be in vain.

I am still open to the African option, however, and I invite supporters of this option to join Building Utopia to discuss and develop their proposal.  Other (any really) proposals are welcome to be put forward as well...  This is a democratic forum.... open to all ideas...

Besides discussing things like a World Capital (location, etc) and World Parliament (how would it work, etc).  Building Utopia will also be discussing the UNPA, where it could be located, how it could work and how we can move the campaign forward.  After all, everything we support depends on the creation of the UNPA first.

The Year 2015 will be the 70th Anniversary of the UN, and a year that - transformation - will be on peoples minds.  Can we get a 3/4 vote in the UNGA (UN General Assembly) to create a UNPA (UN Parliamentary Assembly) that year ?