Tuesday 24 February 2009

2009 - CHRONOLOGY of Events

Reverse Order (starting with most recent):
(EM = EMail (copy of) - CL = CraigsList (copy of) - FB = FaceBook)

Jun.13 - EM - To - International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (IFSA) - Restoring the Aral Sea - Building the City of Utopia - from Silk Road to Hydrogen Highway

May.21 - JOINED - World Federalist Movement Canada (Vancouver Branch) - started attending meetings and am having excellent discussions.
May.05 - Received a positive response from (WFM-VB).
May.04 - Sent email notification about CL Postings to - World Federalist Movement Canada (Vancouver Branch) (WFM-VB). http://www.vcn.bc.ca/wfcvb/
May.03 - Sent email notification about New Posting to DSF & UNAC.

Mar.10 - Sent email notification about private webspace and invitation to view to DSF & UNAC.
Mar.09 - Started receiving emails & responses to survey from Canadian public. 

Mar.03 - Started posting on CL along with link to SURVEY, to gage level of public interest.  Notified DSF and UNAC via email about the postings.

Feb.28 - Created private webspace & started developing website - & - SURVEY "Crade of Humanity".
Feb.26 - Called United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC) who invited me to send email regarding proposal and ideas.  EMailed Proposal. 
 - No reply yet from UNAC.
Feb.26 - Reply from DSF stating my proposal was very interesting but that their focus is on policy in the US & Canada.  Invited me to keep them posted on how things progress and may consider involvement in future.
Feb.24 - Called David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) who invited me to send email regarding proposal and ideas.  EMailed Proposal.